Customizable High Performance
Radiation Measurement Devices


  • NEW! nanoMCA-II is the latest addition to the labZY's portfolio of multi-channel analyzers. nanoMCA-II offers unmatched noise performance utilizing 16-bit ADC sampling at 125MHz. No other MCA on the market offers the performance, the versatility, the low power and miniature size. nanoMCA-II dissipates 1.35W and is packaged in the palm size enclosure of nanoMCA. For more information contact
  • NEW! nanoMCA and nanoMCA-II add a new functionality---pulse-height analysis (PHA) of user shaped unipolar or bipolar signals e.g. semi-Gaussian pulses. This new functionality makes nanoMCA and nanoMCA-II a preferred alternative to traditional analog MCAs. Users can get two functions in one package digital pulse processing (DPP) and PHA. The addition of PHA or any factory functionality comes always without additional cost to the end user. For more information about PHA functionality contact
  • NEW! nanoPSD is a pulse-shape analyzer with built-in analog front-end and a digital pulse processor. nanoPSD is designed to work with fast scintillators that offer neutron-gamma and alpha-gamma pulse shape discrimination e.g stilbene, plastic scintillators, liquid scintillators. nanoPSD can also be used with slower scintillators and phosphich detectors. nanoPSD requires about 900mW and is packaged in the same enclosure as the nanoMCA. For more information contact


  • labZY is updating the software and the FPGA designs which are in a beta state. Online versions will be available for download once the beta testing is completed.
  • NEW! Comparison table between labZY MCAs and those of the competitors are now available for download:


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